AGM 2024 (Belfast) – Last Chance Saloon!

Chairmans Message

🎄Christmas 🎄 is gone! 🍾 New Year 🍾 is here. It’s a time to celebrate 🎉.

What better way than booking that Family Weekend! Stay in a five-star hotel, meet old shipmates, spin dits the wife has heard a 💯 times before, buy your old buddies a wet and all at a heavily subsidised price.

Last chance saloon 🍻. I have to return unused rooms to the hotel so get your booking forms in asap.

Can I also have ALL those that have booked and not sent me their menu 🍱 choice in by Friday 12 January or I will have to choose for you!! Jim McMaster has to print the tickets and he does have a busy schedule 📆.

Seasons Greetings