Official Newsletter of the Submariners Association
Patron: Admiral Sir James Perowne KCVO, KBE
Vice Patron: John Weale CB, OBE

Issue No: 84

April 2024

Hello Everyone,

Happy Easter to all! As we gather to celebrate this joyous occasion, I’m delighted to present to you the latest edition of In Depth, brimming with reports, photos, and engaging content. Without further ado, let’s dive into what this issue has to offer.

Firstly, I’d like to extend a warm welcome back to the Derbyshire Branch, who has returned to our fold! It’s wonderful to see our community growing and evolving.

In this edition, you’ll find comprehensive reports and captivating photos from the recent Families Weekend and Conference. These events are not only opportunities for camaraderie but also for sharing invaluable experiences.

Additionally, we have insightful reports from various Branches and SAC Officers, providing a glimpse into the vibrant activities happening across our community.

A special request comes from Nigel Mellor for volunteer ‘Crossed the Bar’ coordinators. These individuals will play a crucial role in liaising with family and friends during challenging times. If you feel called to contribute in this meaningful way, please consider putting your name forward. More details can be found on Page 25.

Turning to literary delights, we have two book reviews lined up for you in this issue. The first review features ‘A Bit of a Life,’ chronicling the remarkable 14-year Naval career of Communicator/Telegraphist George Osborne, enriched with insights from his son, Dave Osborne. The second review introduces ‘Bubbleheads, Seals, and Wizards,’ offering a fascinating exploration of American Bases and Facilities in Scotland during the Cold War Years. I trust you’ll find both reviews enriching and engaging.

Reflecting on a personal note, I recently realised that I’ve been editing your beloved ‘In Depth’ Newsletter for over 60 editions spanning 15 years, alongside the Barrow Branch ‘Periscope View’ Newsletter for a decade. It’s been a privilege to serve our community in this capacity, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. As they say, it keeps me out of the pub!

As always, your feedback and suggestions are invaluable. If there’s anything else you believe should be included in future editions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Looking ahead, mark your calendars for In Depth Issue No. 85, scheduled for publication on 1st July 2024. Contributions are eagerly awaited and should reach the editor by 15th June 2024. Your timely submissions ensure the richness and diversity of our newsletter.

In closing, I extend my warmest regards to each and every one of you. May this Easter season bring you renewed hope, joy, and a deeper sense of community.

Warm regards,

Barrie Downer


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