Embankment Service 2023
Remembrance Events
05 Nov 10:15
Until 05 Nov

Embankment Service 2023

Organized by arrow_forward_ios Submariners Association (SAC)

2023 Memorial Service

The service is in the grounds of Middle Temple, Middle Temple Lane, London, EC4Y 9BT on Sunday 5 November 23.


11:45 VIP’s arrive.

12:00 Memorial Service starts.

12:30 Toast to absent Friends.

12:45 Wreaths hung on Submarine Memorial.

As in previous years you are requested to bring a hip flask to toast our fallen comrades.


Sausage roll
Smoked bacon in white bap       £4.50
Cumberland sausage in white bap   £ 4.50
Egg in white bap   £ 4.00
Mushroom and tarragon in white bap   £ 4.00
Extra egg   £ 0.80
(Served with tomato ketchup or HP brown sauce, Gluten free baps available on request)
Blueberry muffin £ 3.00
Pain au chocolate £ 2.50
Croissant £ 2.50
Americano £ 1.50
Tea (Selection of teas) £1.50

Contact SA Secretary if you require further details.

Free rail travel is being offered see post

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