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Falklands placenames honour for the fallen of 1982

Never were the words of Rupert Brooke more apt – though we must add Scotland, Wales and Ireland to his original verse – than in the Falklands, where islanders have named beaches, bays, harbours, islets and inlets after the 258 souls killed in the 1982 conflict.

Every British Serviceman killed in the liberation of the islands – 255 in all – plus three locals who lost their lives have been honoured by today’s inhabitants of the South Atlantic island chain, an honour connected with last year’s 40th anniversary of the war.

The result is the Falkland Islands Memorial Map, with 258 previously-unnamed stretches of coastline, beach or ridges among other geographic features, plus a string of roads around the Mount Pleasant complex, now bearing the names of all those listed on the Roll of Honour.

So you can pay your respects by climbing Rundle Rocks on the western approaches to the capital Stanley in memory of Royal Marine landing craftsman Marine Anthony Rundle, killed when landing craft Foxtrot Four was bombed in the closing days of the conflict.

Or HMS Glamorgan’s Petty Officer Michael Adcock, a victim of an Exocet missile strike on the destroyer, immortalised with a namesake lagoon on Lively Island.

And Briggs Beach on the rugged northeastern shore of East Falkland, a permanent reminder of Petty Officer David Briggs, another victim of an Exocet missile, this time aboard HMS Sheffield.


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