Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Initially these FAQs were focussed on the website and its use. Now they include additional questions such as how to set up your mobile phone and email, how to donate to our association and how to join your local branch.

Of course not everything is about the association. If you are looking for help in other aspects of your life, then please remember to check our help and advice page. On this page you will find a list of other organisations, focussed on helping current and former submariners just like us.

If you still need to ask a question, please feel free to do so, using our contact us form.

Safety Online

Create and use strong passwords

One of the most important ways to ensure that your online accounts are safe and secure is to protect your passwords. Follow this advice to help keep your accounts out of the wrong hands.

Important: This website requires you to have a strong password.

Website security starts with creating a strong password. A strong password is:

  • At least 12 characters long but 14 or more is better.
  • At least one of each: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols.
  • No character may be repeated 3 or more times.
  • No ordered numeric sequence of more than 2 characters is allowed (i.e. 123 or 321).
  • No ordered or patterned sequence of adjacent characters of more than 3 characters (i.e. abcd, abab).
  • Not a word that can be found in a dictionary or the name of a person, character, product, or organisation.
  • Easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Consider using a memorable phrase like “6SailorsRDancing^”.

Tip: Don’t want to think up your own strong passwords? Download and install a password manager, some browsers also offer this kind of functionality, but be careful if you do.

Secure your passwords

Once you’ve created a strong password, follow these guidelines to keep it secure:

  1. Don’t share a password with anyone. Not even a friend or family member.
  2. Never send a password by email, instant message, or any other means of communication that is not reliably secure.
  3. Use a unique password for each website.

If crooks steal your account information from one site, they’ll try to use those credentials on hundreds of other well-known websites, such as banking, social media, or online shopping, hoping you’ve reused the password elsewhere. That’s called a Credential stuffing attack and it’s extremely common.

If you don’t want to memorise multiple passwords, consider using a password manager. The best password managers will automatically update stored passwords, keep them encrypted, and require multi-factor authentication for access.

It’s ok to write your passwords down, as long as you keep them secure. Don’t write them on sticky notes or cards that you keep near the thing the password protects, even if you think they’re well-hidden.

There are lots of sites which offer such advice as that above which was taken from a Microsoft page.

Website Registration

Why am I being asked to register again?

If you have received an email asking you to register with the website and the association, you may be thinking why, I am already a member?

This could be for one of several reasons.

  1. The most obvious one is that you have not registered previously. Solution is to register via the registration form.
  2. Next it might be you registered previously on our previous website, whch is no longer available. Solution register on this our new website.
  3. To ensure all submariners who have indicated they want to join the SA can, we are emailing TSF email addresses to invite them to join. Check the email address in the email, it might not be the one you are wanting to use on the SA website. Solution decline the email invite and it will remove you from the list.
Why is my username not being allowed on registration?

Usernames need to be unique and more than 5 characters and less than 24 in length.

Note: Usernames cannot be changed once created.

Why do I keep getting asked to prove I am not a robot ?

This Website uses a Google service to protect user information and website content.

This can however result in some users not being able to register when using a particular device or network.

The first thing to try and a quick solution is to try on another device or type of device.

Why can this happen?

It may be due to outdated browsers, disabled JavaScript, restrictive cookie settings, network issues, strict security settings, unusual user behaviour, or device performance problems.

How do outdated browsers affect this?

The Google service relies on modern web technologies that may not be supported on older browsers, causing it to malfunction.

Network problems can also cause issues, such as high latency, unstable connections, and the use of VPNs or proxies can interfere with functionality.

Ad blockers, privacy extensions, and enhanced security settings can also cause issues as they block necessary components, preventing it from working correctly.

Why might you have trouble on mobile devices? Mobile devices have different browser implementations and touch-based interactions that can be misinterpreted.

What can you do to to fix these issues?

Keep software updated, enable JavaScript and cookies, review browser extensions, use reliable networks, and ensure the device has sufficient performance resources.

The form is not accepting my chosen password

Please ensure that you use a combination of alpha numeric and special characters.

Also ensure that the passwords match.

The minimun numbers of charachters is 8. We recomend that you use about 12 for security reasons.

Your password must contain at least one lowercase letter, one capital letter and one number

Please see the article on Password Strength Recomendations on this page for more information.

To give you more information, the website admin password needs to meet the following criteria.

  • At least 12 characters.
  • At least one of each: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, symbols.
  • No character may be repeated 3 or more times.
  • No ordered numeric sequence of more than 2 characters is allowed (i.e. 123 or 321).
  • No ordered or patterned sequence of adjacent characters of more than 3 characters (i.e. abcd, abab).
How do I change the date in forms with date fields?

When you are asked to enter a date in a form selecting the field will bring up a ‘popout’ date selection feature.

Tip: If the whole ‘pop out’ is not visible, try reducing the size of your screen, until it is.

The default date is the current year, month and day.

To change the year

Select the drop down arrow next to the year, and select the required year.

To navigate the months

Select the < or > at either end of the popup window.

To select the required day

Select the day in the month/year shown having navigated as above.

This will then input the selected Year, Month and Day into the form.

The registration field is too small to allow me to enter all my boats?

All is not as it seems.

  • The text box infact has no limit in size regarding the text you can enter, though it does look like that.


  1. Type out the boats, then copy and paste into the field on the registration form or
  2. Put one boat in and then when you have registered you can add them in the account management area on the website. or
  3. Don’t put them in the registration field and then when you have registered you can add them in the account management area on the website.

To add your boats after account activation go to Members>My Account>Service Record

Website Access / Login

Why can’t I log into the site?

 This site went live in 2023 – login details created before this date do not work on this site.

  1. To gain access to the members only areas of this site you will need to have registered using the registration form provided.
  2. Following completion of the registration form, your details will be reviewed, and access approved as appropriate.

If you have previously registered for this website and are still having problems, please use the contact us form to let us know what you are seeing.

We need to know any error or information messages that you are getting, the date and time of the issue and if possible, please take a screen shot. We may ask for the screen shot at a later point in our investigation.

Can't login after succesfully registering

Having registered the system sends an account activation email to the email address you gave on registration.

Note: This email can take several minutes to be generated and delivered.

To gain access to your account you need to follow the link in the email.

On occasion these activation emails can end up in your spam or trash folder.

No Activation Email or Invalid

If you do not get an activation email or it is no longer valid, contact the webmaster using the contact us form on the website. Please provide the username that you registered with and the email address.

Login Error Message: Your answer was incorrect

Our site uses various security measures to protect itself.

The error message relates to one such security measure and the fact that the automated service had not finished its checks, when you submitted your data.

Please re-enter your information and try again, a pause of a couple of seconds before submitting your data normally works.

Account Management

How do I change my username?

Usernames cannot be changed once created.

How do I change my profile information?
  1. Login to the website
  2. Navigate to your profile.
  3. Select the gear (cog) icon. To the right of the Mysterman Image or Your Profile picture if you have uploaded one.
  4. Select update profile.
  5. Make the required changes.
  6. Select Update Profile.
How do I add a profile image?
  1. Login to the website
  2. Navigate to your profile page
  3. Select the avatar image
  4. Select the option to upload your photo.
  5. Select Update Profile.

Profile photo Sizes

The profile photo uploader creates several thumbnails (smaller images) and compresses images (only for JPEG images).

  • 40px – small image (used for messages, etc.)
  • 80px – medium image (used for activity wall, groups, etc.)
  • 190px by 190px– main image (used for account, profile, members, etc.)

Cover photo sizes

By default, two thumbnails are created when a member uploads a cover photo (300px and 600px).

General Website Usage

Why can’t I see some information in my public profile?
  1. Firstly, not everything that you enter is shown in your user profile.
  2. Secondly, if  you do not enter something in your account page that would normally be shown in your profile, then nothing is shown at all (i.e there is no placeholder or blank field visible). Examples of this are your Branch and Your Membership Number.

The following information is shown and in your profile, if you have entered some information.

  1. Avatar (or Photo if uploaded)
  2. Branch
  3. First Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Submarines Served On
  6. Town
  7. Contact Telephone*
  8. Contact Email*

This information, Contact Telephone and Contact Email are solely managed in your profile page; only enter information here if you want it to be available to all members.


The Contact details in your account page, may or may not be the same as those in your profile, however the ones entered in your account are NOT DISPLAYED for others to see.

I cant find my oppo when I search for him?

Members can decide not to share any of their details

If you are looking for someone in the members database, you may not find them if they may have chosen not to share any of their public profile details. These members will not appear in the members directory.

Members can decide what to share

In a similar manner if a member has chosen to share their public profile but decided to not enter certain contact details in their profile, then these will obviously not be shown, nor will the place holder for the information.

Your Profile Completeness

On occasion you may be informed that you need to complete your member profile. This is because the association needs to have certain information captured. This information is recorded in your member profile and it determines your profile completeness % score. 

Please note the % completeness and the specific requirements can change, so the best thing to do is to ensure yours is complete and then decide what to share in your public profile.



Message: You need to complete your profile

On occasion you may be informed that you need to complete your Profile such as when attempting to look at another member’s profile.

The message results from you’re not having completed your Account Information (your member profile) sufficiently for our purposes.

The required information is recorded in your Account Information tabs, and it’s completeness determines your overall % score.

This score determines if you can see other members public profiles.

Please note the % score and the specific requirements to determine it can change, so the best thing to do is to ensure your Account Information is always complete and then decide what to share with other members in your public profile.




What support can I get in using or accessing the website?

We hope your access to the site is trouble free and without issue. However on occasion issues can arise which means this is not always the case.

  1. If an issue occurs the first thing to ask yourself is is it something local to you, such as your PC, network or internet connection. Try to work out if it is all your devices, or just one that you are having issues with. Ask yourself can you access the site via your phone, can your partner or other family member access the site.
  2. If all your device(s) are failing to access the website then it is possible that there is a website issue.
  3. If this is the case you can use the contact us form. Please provide as much information as possible about the issue, including error messages, the date and time of the issue and screen shots.

Please remember that the webmaster is a volunteer and whilst every effort will be made to rectify the issue as quickly as possible, it may take some hours or even days to resolve.

Unfortunately no support can be given to individual users regarding their personal configuration or equipment, support is only for the website.

How do I set up an IMAP email account on my Android phone?

To set up an IMAP email address on your Android phone, follow these steps:

1. –Open Email App–
Open the default Email app on your Android device. If you don’t have it, download it from the Google Play Store.

2. –Add New Account–
– Tap on “Add Account” or “Add Email Account.”
– Select “Email” or “Personal (IMAP)” depending on your device.

3. –Enter Email Address–
– Provide your full email address and tap “Next.”

4. –Choose Account Type–
– Select “IMAP” as the account type.

5. –Incoming Server Settings–
– Enter the incoming server settings provided by your email provider.
– Typically, these include:
– IMAP Server: [mail.submariners]
– Security Type: SSL (choose based on your provider’s recommendation)
– Port: 993

6. –Outgoing Server Settings–
– Enter the outgoing server settings:
– SMTP Server: []
– Security Type: SSL
– Port: 465
– Require Sign-in: Ensure this option is checked.

7. –Sign-in Information–
– Enter your full email address and password.

8. –Account Options–
– Configure additional settings like sync frequency and notifications based on your preferences.

9. –Finalise Setup–
– Tap “Next” or “Finish” to complete the setup.

10. –Verify and Test–
– Open the Email app and check if your emails are syncing.
– Send a test email to ensure outgoing mail is working.

–Instructions may vary slightly depending on the Android device and email provider–

–Android Support – Set up email– Settings

Password: Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:

IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Port: 465

How do I set up an IMAP email account on my Iphone?

Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up an IMAP email address on an iPhone:

1. –Open Settings–
– Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

2. –Scroll and Tap on “Mail”–
– Scroll down and tap on “Mail.”

3. –Add Account–
– Tap on “Accounts” or “Add Account,” depending on your iOS version.

4. –Select Email Provider–
– Choose your email provider. If it’s not listed, select “Other” and then “Add Mail Account.”

5. –Enter Account Information–
– Enter your Name, Email Address, Password, and a Description for your account.
– Tap “Next.”

6. –Choose Account Type–
– Select “IMAP.”

7. **Incoming Mail Server:**
– Fill in the incoming mail server details:
– Host Name: [mail.submariners]
– User Name: Your full email address
– Password: Your email password

8. –Outgoing Mail Server–
– Fill in the outgoing mail server details:
– Host Name: []
– User Name: Your full email address
– Password: Your email password

9.–Complete Setup–
– Tap “Next” to verify the settings.

10. –Advanced Settings–
– Ensure that SSL is enabled.
– Incoming Server Port: 993
– Outgoing Server Port: 465

11. –Save and Sync–
– Save the settings and wait for the iPhone to verify the account.
– Choose the information you want to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc.).

12. –Test the Setup–
– Open the Mail app to check if emails are syncing.
– Send a test email to confirm outgoing mail functionality.

Apple Support – Set up Mail on iPhone

IMAP Settings for Common Email Providers.

Password: Use the email account’s password.

Incoming Server:

IMAP Port: 993

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Port: 465


How do I Join a Branch?

Dolphin Branch

When you join our association, you are by default a member of our Dolphin Branch. The Dolphin Branch has a branch secretary just like all our other branches, the only difference being is that the branch does not normally meet in person.

Our Other Branches

Our other branches are located throughout the UK and further afield and we may well have one local to you.

Each branch sets its own agenda in terms of meetings, governance etc and works with the national committee to promote the ethos and aims of the Submariners Association.

If you want to join your local branch, then the person to contact in the first instance is normally the branch secretary. Once you have registered on the site you will be able to obtain the branch secretaries contact details by navigating to the branch map on the main menu.

Please note:  If you have not registered these details are not accessible.

If having registered you still do not find the details of your local branch secretary, then please contact us.

Your Membership Number

Once registered you will be given a membership number. This membership number can be found in your account profile, it is also described as your website ID.

Please quote this when getting in touch with us.


How can I make a donation to the Submariners Association?

Firstly thank you for considering making a donation to the Submariners Association.

Our Bank Account Details:

Sort code: 60 13 15
Account: 43571433
Account Name: Submariners Association.

Alternatively donations can be sent by post to:

Submariners Association
5 Rydal Mount

Crossed the Bar

If you want to notify us of a family member crossing the bar firstly please accept our sincere condolences at this time.

Please use the contact us form to supply the relevant details. Please also include your full details and include your relationship to the member who has passed.

We will on receipt of the required information ensure that the branch and wider submarine community are made aware.


Important Information

This website is run by a volunteer, a submariner just like you.

Why do I say this? Well to set your expectations from the start. I have worked hard to get this site to the place it is. However, things can and do go wrong. I will look to address these as quickly as possible obviously, but in my agreeing to do so I ask that you give me time. It might take a few hours or even a few days, depending on what else I must do.

I will also try and help with non-website issues if I can (where they prevent your making full use of the website), but again this is not something I can drop everything else for, so please be patient.