Gosport Submariners Association Annual Memorial Dinner

Gosport Branch Annual Dinner

Commodore Paul Dunn OBE, was the guest of honour on November 18 at the Gosport Submariners Association Annual Memorial Dinner.

Prior to the event the GOH and Chris Groves the branch President were welcomed at Periscope Depth the bar of the branch Chairman Steve Thorpe MBE to enjoy some pre-wetting.

This dinner has run for many years and 40+ members and wives enjoyed great food and company at the Duke of Connaught’s Club Fareham which proved to be an excellent venue.

The dinner began in the traditional way offering a ‘tot’ to all attendees before the welcomes and the nostalgic honouring the absent friends and lighting of the symbolic candle which was undertaken by the former US Submariner Jon Schultz.

In between the dinner 3 courses the names of all the UK submarines lost were read out by branch members paying respects to those on eternal patrol.

Gosport Annual Branch Dinner

As the tables were cleared and the port was prepared, attendees helped themselves to the mountain of cheese that had been provided by the venue before taking their seats for the speech.  Commodore Submarines gave a light-hearted, entertaining speech but was informative about the modern day submariners and current platforms, the speech was very well received by all.

The evening concluded with the Loyal Toast and the ‘sandy bottoms’ of the remaining port and wine.  A great evening was had by all, hopefully there will be more attendees next year.

Guest of Honour Gosport Branch Annual Dinner

(L – R) Steve Thorpe , Capt. Chris Groves RN Retd  and Commodore Paul Dunn OBE