Not satisfied with conquering Europe’s renowned mountain, the Matterhorn, submariner Lars Atkins is now gearing up to tackle one of the Himalayas’ most challenging peaks next month (May), Ama Dablam.

Just last summer, the 25-year-old submarine engineer from HMS Sultan successfully scaled the Matterhorn – widely considered one of the most iconic mountains globally.

While Ama Dablam may not be as familiar to those outside the mountaineering circle, anyone journeying to Everest’s base camp would have passed it.

Ama Dablam, which translates to ‘mother’s necklace’ in Nepalese, stands 2,000 meters shorter than Everest, soaring 6,812 meters (22,349 feet) high.

Renowned as an arduous climb – sometimes dubbed ‘the Matterhorn of the Himalayas’ – it wasn’t conquered until nearly a decade after Hillary and Tensing reached the summit of Everest.

Lars describes it as “undoubtedly the most picturesque mountain across the entire Himalayan range,” but admits it presents “a significant mountaineering challenge – it’s among the most technically demanding mountains in the Himalayas, posing both physical and psychological hurdles. This is unquestionably the most daunting challenge I’ve ever undertaken.”

A tougher climb calls for a loftier fundraising goal. The Matterhorn ascent raised £6k, divided between the RNRMC and MacMillan Cancer Support.

Success in the Himalayas would mean reaching the summit… and raising £15k, with equal shares allocated to MacMillan and the Wings for Life Foundation for spinal cord research; both causes have provided invaluable support to friends and family of the submariner.

Funds are being raised through traditional donations/sponsorship via GoFundMe, as well as through a charity raffle, offering chances to win prizes like holiday packages, shopping vouchers, and restaurant meals: Project Ama Dablam

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