HMS Unique

On 10th October 1942 Submarine HMS UNIQUE was on passage from UK to Gibraltar and had been ordered to conduct a patrol off North Spain on the way to intercept any possible ‘blockade runners’.

Submarine HMS URSULA, which had similar orders heard sounds of explosions whilst crossing the Bay of Biscay and assumed that Submarine HMS UNIQUE was being attacked.

No claim for an attack was made but it was assumed that the submarine was lost with all hands after the attack.

Submariners on Eternal Patrol

Lt Robert Evelyn Boddington, Royal Navy
Lt Anthony Howard Martin, Royal Navy
Lt Gwynne A Adlard, Royal Navy
Sub Lt Charles Ian Reed, Royal Navy

CPO A R Tuck D/J 98271
PO L A E Collins D/J 102084
PO Officer A E Fennell D/J 109248
L/Sea Leslie John Riley C/JX 144677
AB W Breen RNVR P/CD/X 2536
AB G H Holland P/SSX 28337
AB K Amos C/JX 147961
AB E J H Woodman C/SSX 26124
AB S M Neil C/JX 162242
AB B Bowlt RNVR C/TD/X 1603
AB M F Morten C/JX 203146
AB J B Mead C/JX 189345
AB N D/JX 201123 MiD
OS A G Worland C/JX 301424

OS J W Burgess D/JX 304613
PO Tel S Fitall P/SSX 21486
L/Tel R F H Turnbull P/JX 141679
Tel G W Frith C/SSX 31461
Tel L J Venn D/JX 137882
Yeo of Sigs R J W Bond P/JX 137669 DSM
CERA R Frith C/MX 51674
ERA C E Garner C/MX 72050
ERA G A Waterhouse D/MX 74895
Stoker Petty Officer C Chapman P/KX 79256 DSM
Leading Stoker E Moss P/KX 83224
Leading Stoker A E Denne D/KX 98707 MiD
Leading Stoker A Bartley D/KX 81278
Stoker 1st Class George E Booth C/KX 97214
Stoker 1st Class A B Bryson C/KX 129491
Stoker 1st Class Stanley Martin Edgar D/SKX 315