Members of the Morecambe Bay Submariners Association gathered on Monday, 3rd June 2024, at the Charnock Richard Crematorium in Chorley to pay their last respects to Graham McGuinness. The ceremony was a solemn yet poignant tribute to a man who had dedicated much of his life to the submarine service and the nuclear industry. The Morecambe Bay Submariners Association and the Morecambe and Heysham Royal Naval Association Branch Standards were proudly paraded in his honour.

The proceedings were conducted by the Minister and Tim Roberts, the President of the Morecambe Bay Submariners Association. A dear friend of Graham, Tim delivered a heartfelt eulogy, outlining Graham’s exceptional service and contributions. Jim Halliwell, the Chairman, provided a reading that added to the deeply moving atmosphere of the service.

Graham had been battling illness for some time, undergoing regular hospital treatments. Despite his health challenges, he remained committed to the Submariners Association, keeping in touch with members even from a distance. His final email, in response to an invitation to the Chairman’s 80th birthday party, highlighted his unwavering dedication. In it, he expressed his desire for the branch members to be updated on his condition. Tragically, Graham passed away shortly after sending that email, and a planned visit to Chorley to lift his spirits never came to pass.

Graham McGuinness will be formally remembered at the next meeting of the Morecambe Bay Submariners Association on 7th June 2024. The members, along with Graham’s family, will raise a glass in his honour, celebrating his life and service in the time-honoured tradition. This gesture underscores the close-knit community spirit that Graham cherished and embodied throughout his life.

Graham’s service in submarines and his contributions to the nuclear industry were notable. His commitment extended beyond his professional life into his dedication to the Submariners Association. This enduring loyalty and service have left a lasting impact on all who knew him.