Hello to all Members of the Submariners Association.

A wee reminder of how the Submariners Association looks after some major changes at the higher end:

Our new Patron is now Admiral Sir James Perowne KBE and our new President is Commodore Jim Perks CBE.

Image shows Ian Mackenzie, who si the chairman of the submariners association

Iain Mackenzie MBE

Award of Presidents Certificates

A President’s Certificate has been awarded to both the President, Tim Roberts and Chairman, Jim Halliwell of the Morecambe Branch in appreciation for 20 years of service to the Branch and SA. The Certificates were presented at a Coronation Dinner at Morecambe Golf Club and was a complete surprise to both recipients. Congratulations to them both.

These awards are not given lightly, so if you feel anybody in your Branch is a deserving cause then please discuss within your Branch and if agreed contact Ron Gordon with the full details.

I have to say the last couple of months have been quite quiet, I guess the build up to summer is a busy time for families and the mood is gay!

Association Secretaries Meeting

At the last Secretaries Zoom Meeting we had a very good response and discussions were very friendly.

Submarine Family Presentation

We had a presentation from The Submarine Family Operations Manager (John Lewis) on various subjects concerning TSF. John has promised to make a regular appearance at our Secretaries Zoom Meetings if he is available.

King Charles III portrait

The subject of King Charles III portrait came up and after discussions we are actively investigating through the MOD ways to ensure those branches that want a portrait get one to display.

National Submariners Association Website

Gary Strange gave us a presentation on our new Website that is now up and running. I will say on Gary’s behalf it will only be as good as the information/photographs/videos/dits that you send Gary.

A record was broken this year! 

A record was broken this year! The AGM took 53 minutes to complete, a nuclear first! and it was all down to the One Member One Vote system we now operate. Blinking marvellous. Unfortunately I could not attend due to catching Covid just prior. That was not the reason it only lasted 53 minutes!!!

AGM/Family Weekend 2024

Details are in the last stages of being finalised regarding the AGM/Family Weekend 2024 in Northern Ireland. The Booking Forms and information will be sent to all secretaries very shortly.

This will be my last year of organising the AGM/Family Weekend. It is time to inject new ideas into this very popular annual event. So who better than the Vice Chairman Andy Knox to take the reins. He is young, dynamic, innovative, has modern ideas and perfect for the job……Phew sold it!

New Submariners Association Rum Barrel

We now have a new Rum Barrel as our old one had started to fall apart. The new one was found thanks to the efforts of David Semple.

David is an expert in his field as a collector and restorer of memorabilia, through his contacts he brokered a fantastic deal for our new Rum Barrel, even managing to secure a genuine set of “Up Spirits” signal flags in the deal.

This will add nostalgia to our next “Up Spirits”.

On behalf of the association David thank you! I would personally like to thank Sandy Powell who also spent a lot of time investigating a replacement, eventually finding David, as the saying goes the rest is history!