Update by: Andy Knox.

The West of Scotland (WoS) branch of the Submariners Association with the support of HMS NEPTUNE and Helensburgh SCC have traditionally held a weekend of Remembrance for the RN crew and Civilians who perished so unfortunately onboard HMS K13 during a fatal accident in the Gareloch on 29th January 1917

The K13 memorial weekend is an extremely important event in the WoS and wider Submariners Association calendar and hopefully will be supported by veterans and serving submariners from far and wide.


Unfortunately there is no accommodation available within HMS NEPTUNE, however I have secured 10 x short term married quarters in Helensburgh for those wishing to travel on a first come first served basis at a cost of £45 per night per quarter.

All Welcome

As per last year the Memorial Dinner on Saturday evening is open to families and friends.


The following security details for weekend access to HMNB Clyde will be required before 20 Dec 2023:

  • Full Name
  • DoB
  • Place of Birth
  • SA Branch

I must emphasise the importance of providing the security details in a timely fashion, if you require accommodation then please state in your email and who you wish to share with, the MQs are all three bedroom.


The cost for the weekend will be approximately £20pp which includes a four course meal on the Sat evening with wine and port (to be confirmed nearer the date).

Questions or Queries

Contact Andy: andyknox@hotmail.com 



26 Jan 202412:00-17:00All travelling guests to arrive at Short Term Married Quarters, Base passes issued to travellers.Keys issued, bedding supplied, towels provided by individuals.
26 Jan 202419:30All to muster in the Submarine Centre, HelensburghWoS Branch meeting
26 Jan 202420:00Branch meeting commences, welcome to all branches/visitors and introduce VIP (COSM) for SM Service updateChairman
26 Jan 202422:00Bar shuts, social continues in HelensburghAll
27 Jan 202407:00Call the handsAll
27 Jan 202407:30Transport departs ChurchillAll
27 Jan 202408:00 -09:00Breakfast WO&SRs MessPaid by individual
27 Jan 202410:00Transport departs HMNB Clyde (Supermess) for Elder Park, Govan for memorial service and wreath laying.  Orders of Service issued by WoS Branch. Access to Fairfields Heritage Centre for refreshmentsAll
27 Jan 2024O/CTransport departs Elder Park, return to HMNB Clyde via Helensburgh/ChurchillAll
27 Jan 202412:00Muster Kennedy’s Bar for light refreshments and lunch in WO&SRs Mess



27 Jan 202413:30Transport to Helensburgh/ChurchillAll
27 Jan 202417:00Transport from Helensburgh/Churchill to HMNB Clyde SupermessAll
27 Jan 202418:00Muster in WO&SRs mess Reading room bar for pre-dinner Punch Reception/Welcome drinksGeorge Gerc / Jim McMaster
27 Jan 202419:30Call to dinnerAll
27 Jan 202419:45K13 Memorial DinnerAll
27 Jan 2024O/CRetire to Kennedy’s BarAll
28 Jan 202401:00Transport from HMNB Clyde Supermess to Helensburgh/ChurchillAll
28 Jan 202407:30Call the HandsAll
28 Jan 202408:00Transport departs Helensburgh/Churchill to HMNB Clyde
28 Jan 202408:30Breakfast WO&SRs MessIndividual to pay
28 Jan 202410:00Muster at Base Church for a short K13 Service. Orders of Service issued by WoS BranchAll
28 Jan 202410:30Transport departs HMS NEPTUNE Church for Faslane Cemetery (K13 Ship’s Bell to be transported to Faslane Cemetery)All
28 Jan 202410:45K13 Memorial Service commences. Helensburgh SCC in attendance for ringing of K13 Ship’s Bell. O/C of the memorial service, march up to the grave of Cdr Goodhart for a wreath laying.



Note: All timings are subject to change at short notice.

K-13 Memorial Weekend Dinner 27 Jan 2024

18:00 – All individuals to muster in Kennedy’s Bar/Reading Room, WO&SRs Mess for a Punch   Reception/Welcome drinks.

19:30 – Call to Dinner.

18:45 – All to be stood behind their seating positions, there will not be a formal seating plan.

18:55 Top Table to enter, once everyone is seated the WoS Chairman will introduce the Top Table.

19:00 – Light the candle to absent friends.

19:05 – Grace.

O/C Meal commences.

O/C 10 minute comfort break (Port is placed at stations, cheese and biscuits placed on tables).

O/C Chairman un-stoppers the port and announces ‘pass the port’.

O/C Call on WoS Branch President Jim McMaster to propose the Loyal Toast (All to remain seated).

O/C WoS Chairman introduces the guest speaker.

O/C Floor open for any guests to propose a toast etc.

O/C Candle for Absent Friends removed to Kennedy’s Bar.

O/C Retire to Kennedy’s Bar.

01:00 – Return Transport to Helensburgh / Churcill from outside the Supermess.