Lt N.D. Holbrook VC

Lt Norman Holbrook VC

Lt Norman Holbrook a WW1 Submariner and the first submariner to be awarded the Victoria Cross (VC) has been honoured with plaque at his old school.

On 13 December 1914 HM Submarine B11, a relatively primitive craft, commanded by Lieutenant N D Holbrook, submerged a mile off Cape Helles at the western end of the Straits and eventually reached Sari Sighlar Bay, south of Chanak (Çanakkale) on the Asian shore.

Here B11 discovered and torpedoed the Turkish battleship Messudiyeh, which was carrying more than 700 men. Despite very heavy Turkish fire B11 succeeded in returning safely to Tenedos.

Lt Holbrook was awarded the VC, his second in command (2IC), Lieutenant Sydney Winn, was awarded the DSO, and the other members of the crew of Royal Navy Submarine B11, the Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)

VC Medal

Victoria Cross

Extreme Bravery

The Victoria Cross (VC) is one of the highest awards British service personnel can receive. It is awarded in recognition of an act of extreme bravery in the presence of the enemy,

It is only equalled in status by the George Cross (GC) which is awarded for acts of conspicuous bravery not in the enemy's presence.