Maxey’s 100th Birthday Party

On Sunday 27 August as the National Chairman I travelled to Romford to celebrate John Maxim’s 100 birthday.

templar depot ship

Alec was the deck gunner on the Templar (316) and the Scythian (237) during the Second World War, both boats saw action in the far east.

Templar sinking a Japanese merchant vessel, a Japanese light cruiser and fired torpedoes at a German U-Boat (1062). The U-Boat turned stern on at the last minute narrowly missing being hit!

Scythian sank 9 Japanese sailing vessels and an unidentified Japanese merchant vessel.

During Johns time in the far east he was depth charged 5 times! In John’s words “very frightening”. Wow a very casual reaction.

On the Sunday John was very alert and kept me fixated for nearly three hours with true war dits.

I was very privileged to meet John and even more so when the family asked me to present John with his birthday card from His Majesty King Charles III. A difficult task when you are so humbled.

Amongst the many cards from friends and family were a signed card from the crew of HMS Anson plus a few gizzets, and a birthday card with Scythian on the front (thank you Paul Swaby). I’m sure there were many more from fellow submariners but the pile kept growing.

It was a wonderful thing everybody did at such short notice. Not only to pay due respect to John but the family were touched by the gestures of his other family.

It is hoped we might see John at our National Remembrance Parade on Sunday 5th November 2023.

Maxey proudly shows his letter from The King
SA Chairman Iain McKenzie meets Maxey at his one hundreth birthday party.

SA Chairman Iain McKenzie meets Maxey at his one hundreth birthday party.