Military Associations – do they need to change?

Former members of the military have turned to social media to give their reasons for not joining their local branch and older veterans and current members of various service associations have also responded.

This was a question asked online by Forces|net.

Key Points from the article on Forces|net

Almost half of all veterans are of working age.

Associations are at risk of dissapearing as a result of younger veterans not engaging.

Younger veterans see associations as stuffy and unwelcoming, one description of members of associations  ‘the Blazer Brigade

Comments was made around possible jealousy, around the fact that younger veterans have seen more combat as a result of overseas tours.

Dress code– eg blazer with badge association tie, or smart tartan – no way!

Considering our own association what do you think?

As an association we are struggling to attract serving submariners to join us, and clearly we have not attracted every veteran.

The question posed now is what do we need to do to ensure our association remains (‘becomes’) relevant?

Perhaps this is a discussion for branches, and the output could then be collated and then distributed for discussion?

Read the full article on Forces|net

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