MBSA June 2024 Branch Meeting

The Morecambe Bay Branch of the SA met for their June monthly meeting at the Commodore Club, Heysham, with 15 of the 26 members present as many were away for holidays or work.

The main thrust of the meeting this month was the preparations for Armed Forces Day on 22 June 24. Morecambe are holding their event a week earlier than most to make best use of the assets around for displays. The RAF FALCONS will be falling out of the sky and an RAF LANCASTER is programmed to fly over the bay, and so we are hopeful that the BBMF is released from the order grounding the aircraft at this time.

We have had the area Gazebo, for the Northwest Branches, delivered by Andy Bain and it is now in its permanent stowage area ready for its first outing on AFD. We have the personnel to man it and will be welcoming any and all to come and speak with us about the organisation and how we operate.

On the same day at 13:00, we will be welcoming members from the Barrow and Blackpool branches at the Brew House on the White Lund Estate for a DTS with pie and Peas for sustenance throughout the afternoon. If you find yourself in the Morecambe area on the day, come and visit us at the Gazebo or at the Brew House for a dit or 2. If you need further details please give Tony Plater, our Social Secretary, a call on 07923 580444.

The MBSA hold their meetings on the first Friday of the month in the Commodore Club in Heysham and welcome any submariners in the area to come and see what we are doing in the community to help keep the profile of the Submarine Service in the minds of the residents of this small seaside town. Please contact the Secretary, Mark Lister, 07712 764675, if you wish to come along and participate in the meeting, I have attached a photograph of the motley crew in case you recognise one of us and it prompts you to get in touch.

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