Morecambe Bay Branch Members May 2024

The Morecambe Bay Branch of the SA met for their monthly meeting at the Commodore Club, Heysham, with 11 of the 28 members present as many were away for holidays or work.

80th Anniversary of D-Day

The Secretary laid out the details of the events concerning the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

Both Lancaster and Morecambe will be hosting events on the 6th of June and will conclude with the lighting of a Beacon in both locations to round off the commemoration of such a momentous event in the Second World War. 

Also, the Naval Regional Commander, Cdre Tom Knowles RN, noted the historical civic connection, with the town of Morecambe and HMS DREADNOUGHT, during his recent visit to the submarine in Barrow.  He is intending to investigate the link and will hopefully provide support to the town, which is trying to reinvigorate the affiliation with this great vessel.

Social Calendar

The social calendar was laid out with the upcoming AFD events on 22 June and the gathering at the Brew House Morecambe with the Barrow and other Branches mentioned as well as the longer-range events for Trafalgar Night and Christmas. 

All members in attendance were in good health and provided a considered and courteous dialogue to the meeting with bouts of the usual submarine banter thrown in, to keep the Secretary on his toes with the minutes. 

Open Invitation

The MBSA hold their meetings on the first Friday of the month in the Commodore Club in Heysham and welcome any submariners in the area to come and see what we are doing in the community to help keep the profile of the Submarine Service in the minds of the residents of this small seaside town. 

Please contact the Secretary, Mark Lister, 07712 764675, if you wish to come along and participate in the meeting,

I have attached a photograph of the motley crew in case you recognise one us and it prompts you to get in touch.

Mark Lister MBE


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