MBSA at the Reception

On the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, D-Day, members of the Morecambe Bay Submariners Association were invited to Lancaster Castle for a reception with the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, Mrs Amanda Parker.

On completion of the reception Mrs Parker made a speech before a concert in the adjoining Lancaster Priory, The Church of St Mary. The concert performed by the Morecambe Brass Band, was also attended by members of the local Cadet Forces.

The band gave a rousing rendition of their music representing the build up to D-Day and then Operation Overlord and Neptune.  

At 21:15 after the High Sherrif of Lancaster had read a proclamation of the D-Day Landings to the assembled crowd, and with the Cadet Forces forming a Guard of Honour, the official Beacon was lit.


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