Military and civilian personnel at HMNB Clyde came together on Thursday, November 9, and paused to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Over 100 people attended the service which was led by the Naval Base chaplaincy team. As well as the traditional two minutes silence, wreaths were laid at the Main Mast by Naval Base staff, including one of the youngest members, Submariner Trainee, Engineering Technician Crawford.

The Military Wives Choir also came along and while wreaths were being laid, they sang ‘The Poppy Red’. In addition, Base staff joined together to sing the Naval Hymn and listen to readings by the Naval Base Commander, Commodore Sharon Malkin and First Lieutenant, Lt Carl Steedman.

Naval Base staff laying wreaths at the Main Mast at HMNB Clyde

Naval Base staff laying wreaths at the Main Mast at HMNB Clyde.

Remembrance Brunch

Earlier in the week, a group of volunteers from the Base attended another local Remembrance-themed event.
On Tuesday, November 7, Royal Navy personnel, including members of the Royal Navy Police, took some time out of their day to go along and help serve a Remembrance brunch to the Veterans of the Garelochhead Station Trust.

Morevain Martin who is the Project Co-ordinator for the Trust said: “The members of Garelochhead Station Trust are so grateful to those currently serving, who gave up their time to attend the special Remembrance brunch.”

“For those who have dedicated their lives to military service to be able to share special moments, such as Remembrance, with those still serving has a significant positive impact on members wellbeing and feeling of self-worth.”

The Garelochhead Station Trust was established in June 2019 as an organisation to help ensure that veterans and their families have easy access to the services that they are entitled to, in a warm and informal setting. The group hold a brunch club every fortnight where they can get together, have a bite to eat, chat with old friends and make new ones too.

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