On the 22nd of January 2024 a small but loyal group of friends, Submariners, both veterans and serving. All connected by one thing, HM SubmarineSpartan. Joined relatives of the now gone, crew of the WWII HMS Spartan, a Dido Class Cruiser. As well as the school children and people of the town of Anzio and City of Nettuno, and the British ambassador Lord Edward Llewellyn and his staff and members of the UK NATO staff from Naples. To commemorate the amphibious landing there of 1944, which lead to the loss of the Cruiser Spartan a few days in.

This is an event that the submariners started back in 2000 when the submarine was in her last refit in Rosyth, after supporting the small and dwindling group of the WWII Spartan Survivors raise a memorial plaque to their shipmates who lost their lives on that fateful day, the 29th of January 1944.

After a day of respectful visits to the 2 British War Graves sites, The Beach Head Cemetery supported by the local school children, and the Anzio Commonwealth Cemetery. Where Poppy crosses were placed on 2 of the graves of men lost from the cruiser are buried. We then joined a parade in the Plaza of Anzio before a separate ceremony took place at the Memorial Plaques on the harbour front.

On completion the British contingent gathered in a local Sea Food Restaurant for a meal and a Tot to absent friends, new friends, and the local people of Anzio who over the years have adopted the submariners as honorary guests showing us nothing but friendship.

Article by Mark (Barney) Pugh