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Dear Members,

A proposal has been received from the Hull Branch. In accordance with our management guidelines you can now vote if you support the proposal or not.

The closing date for votes will be COP Monday 18th March 2024.

The Hull proposal is as follows:

Hull branch proposes that the Submarine Memorial Service is moved from the Embankment in London to the National Arboretum in Stafford from 2025, assuming that the 2024 event is already booked.

The reason that we feel it should be moved is that a large sum of money was raised to build our own memorial at the National Arboretum, and we are not using it. The National Arboretum is much more central for easy access, and would be considerable cheaper for local accommodation and refreshments. Hull branch paid a visit earlier in the year and had an informal chat with the booking staff, they indicated that they would be happy to have us.

There is also a large cafe on site and a free car /coach park. For an after event social there is a British Legion club at Alrewas, as you turn off the A38 for the Arboretum, the reviews on there website show that they have welcomed a number of Associations after visits to the Arboretum.

The SAC met on Saturday 13th Jan 2024 and during their meeting they discussed the above proposal.

The following is the SAC response:

SA Memorial The memorial on the Embankment is our memorial and it had circa 1000 in attendance in 2023. It’s our main event where we showcase ourselves particularly to the serving submariners and many VIP’s.(we own it). Why reinvent the wheel. The Embankment parade is tried and tested and very popular and the Memorial is a huge part of our heritage.

Please remember that the SA did not fund the submarine memorial at the arboretum and there is a separate act of remembrance, at the Arboretum, which coincides with the anniversary of its unveiling. (Run by TSF). If we choose to change the venue of our annual act of remembrance to the Arboretum, the London event would still happen. The Serving community would certainly take it on, causing us a real problem having 2 events on the same day. This is our main event and the SAC are currently discussing further marketing of this event in an attempt to grow our Serving membership.

Publicity for Submariners

Holding the Embankment parade in London regularly gives us access to high profile politicians and Royal Family members who then go onto support us in our other endeavours.


There is very limited accommodation in the area around the Arboretum. The military accommodation at Lichfield is used primarily for military personnel on courses. They cannot guarantee any accommodation until four weeks before any event. Therefore, we could not guarantee accommodation for the serving submariners who attend our memorial service in London. It is essential that we continue to have serving personnel attend our service as they are the future of the Association.

Wet Weather

The area around the Arboretum is prone to flooding. Therefore, we could not guarantee that we could hold the service in the event of wet weather in November. See picture below taken in December 2023.


Due to other visitors to the Arboretum, we will not have the exclusivity that we enjoy at Middle Temple Hall.

Loss of other Weekend Services

We would lose the opening of the Submarine Service garden of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey on the Saturday and the Service in the West Cloisters alongside the history of the tomb of the unknown Warrior, prior to Middle Temple on the Sunday? The garden of Remembrance is a huge part of the weekend and is also very well attended.

Cost of Travel

We have negotiated free train and tube travel to the Embankment. It is highly unlikely that this could be negotiated for the Arboretum.

Vote to Leave in London - As recommended by SAC
Vote to Move to the National Arboretum - In Favour of the Hull Proposal