Richard Ellis Butler

Richard Butler served in Submarine L7 in the 4th SM Flotilla from September 1924 to April 1927 firstly as the Navigator and then as the 1st Lieutenant.

After service in the Battleship HMS Emporer of India he served in Submarine K26 as 1st Lieutenant from 15th November 1928 to 2nd September 1929 when he took his Perisher and Submarine H34 in Command followed.

Royal Navy Submarine K26

Royal Navy Submarne K26

He returned to General Service on 30th April 1931 and, following service in Cruisers, River Gunboats and a spell as an Assistant Kings Harbourmaster at Malta he joined the Cruiser HMS GALATEA as 1st Lieutenant in January 1940.

Richard Butler died, along with 469 of his shipmates on 15th December 1941, when HMS GALATEA was torpedoed and sunk by U-557 off Alexandria.