Commodore Malkin presents Leading Hand Jeffries with his certificate and cap tally

Commodore Malkin presents Leading Hand Jeffries with his certificate and cap tally

TWO classes of Royal Navy submariner trainees recently passed-out from the first phase of their Submarine Qualifying Course (SMQ) at HM Naval Base Clyde.

The two groups of students – being trained for service on board Vanguard and Astute Class submarines – reached the culmination of their ten-week “dry phase”, the classroom part of the course conducted on dry land at Clyde’s Fleet Operational Standards and Training (Submarines) (FOST)(SM).

Naval Base Commander, Commodore Sharon Malkin, presented each student with their certificates in the HMS Neptune Supermess.

There were 19 students completing the Vanguard Class course with 13 qualifying for the Astute Class, each of them delighted to have reached this milestone in their training. As well as their certificates, each submariner trainee received the much-coveted HM Submarine cap tally.

It was a privilege to present both classes with their HM Submarines Cap Tallies as they complete ‘Dry Phase’ training and continue their journey in the Submarine Service. This is an important first step for them on their road to becoming fully fledged Submariners and each should be proud of their achievements to date.

Commodore Sharon Malkin

Naval Base Commander

Prospective submariners join FOST (SM) at HM Naval Base Clyde for the “dry phase” of their training. After successfully completing this, the second phase of training begins – known as the “wet phase”. Students complete their SMQ training at sea on board a Royal Navy submarine and it is only then that they are entitled to wear the coveted “dolphins” badge – the mark of a qualified submariner.

HMNBC 08/23, Monday, 27 Feb 2023
Royal Navy, Communications & Influence (RNCI) Regional Press Office (Scotland & Northern Ireland), HM Naval Base Clyde.