HMS Anson Readiness

The Royal Navy’s newest and most advanced hunter-killer submarine, HMS Anson, is on the brink of joining the operational fleet following rigorous testing in the Atlantic.

HMS Anson, the fifth Astute-class submarine, underwent extensive trials off the east coast of the United States and in the Caribbean Sea, meticulously assessing her cutting-edge systems and weaponry.

The Astute-class submarines are the largest and most sophisticated attack submarines ever operated by the Royal Navy. They can launch long-range Tomahawk missiles with pinpoint accuracy on land targets and deploy lethal Spearfish torpedoes to destroy enemy submarines.

These advanced submarines, including Anson and her sisters Astute, Ambush, Artful, and Audacious, are capable of circumnavigating the globe while submerged, generating their own oxygen and drinking water to sustain the crew on prolonged and demanding missions.

HMS Anson Sea Trials

After leaving the shipyard in Barrow-in-Furness in February last year, Anson required extensive trials and tests before joining her sisters in active service. She conducted initial testing in UK waters before moving to the waters north of Scotland, where she successfully fired both Spearfish and Tomahawk test missiles.

Anson then intensified her trials in the Atlantic, heading to the Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center (AUTEC) in the Bahamas. AUTEC, operated by the US Navy, offers world-class testing facilities and expertise. The ranges near Andros Island, centered on the deep-water feature known as the Tongue of the Ocean, are equipped with sensors and hydrophones to collect data on submarine, torpedo, and sonar performance.

Testing at AUTEC is crucial for ensuring Anson’s ability to detect and hunt adversary submarines stealthily. During these trials, the crew also had the chance to relax on Andros Island, enjoying a break from their demanding schedule.

Before returning home, Anson completed another round of system testing and performed maintenance at the US Navy submarine base at Kings Bay, Georgia. The crew also had the opportunity to interact with the personnel of a US Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine.

Additionally, 14 UK submariners visited The Citadel, a US military college in Charleston, where they met with a 4-star US Marine Corps General and learned about the college’s historical ties with the Submarine Service dating back to World War II. Anson’s crew also held a memorial ceremony at the HMS Seraph Memorial on the college grounds, marking the first visit by a Royal Navy unit since 1998.

During their Caribbean deployment, the crew enjoyed a ‘hands to bathe’ session, diving from the submarine’s hydroplanes into the warm waters, capping off a busy and productive period of trials and testing.

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