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For the first time a UK Polaris MRZR was loaded onto the unique Osprey aircraft as 40 Commando prepare for major joint exercises in Darwin, in Australia’s Northern Territory. Fitting [...]

Marines of 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group are on duty 24/7 365 days a year, tasked with protecting the UK’s strategic deterrent and the Vanguard nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines that [...]

At 100 Betty Golledge is not merely one of our dwindling number of World War 2 veterans but also one of our last living links with the earliest days of [...]

Captain Matthew Flinders – the first person to map Australia and introduce the name to common usage - is now at rest in the soil of his native Lincolnshire. An [...]

The commando marathon will see the 12 retired green berets – all aged over 45 – attempting the endurance distance in full military gear, carrying 40lb of kit in their [...]

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