Crew members from the UK’s two newest submarines will take on the people who built their vessels in a charity challenge this weekend.

Sixteen submariners from HMS AGAMEMNON and HMS AGINCOURT, the sixth and seventh Astute-class boats which have been built in Barrow over the past quarter of a century – will pound the roads of the Lake District on Saturday, May 11.

They are taking part in the Keswick to Barrow challenge, upholding a tradition going back to the eve of England’s World Cup triumph.

The Keswick to Barrow race is a fantastic event which hugely benefits the local community.

The Barrow area plays an integral role in delivering our newest submarines and I am incredibly pleased that my team are giving back through support to our associated charities.

I am really hoping that the team bring back the Resolution Cup, which will give us bragging rights over our industrial partner BAE Systems.

Commander ‘Bing’ Crosby

Commanding Officer, HMS Agamemnon

In 1966, US personnel working at the then Vickers shipyard challenged the crew of HMS RESOLUTION, the UK’s first ballistic missile submarine, to walk 50 miles in a single day – a challenge once laid down by US President Teddy Roosevelt to the US Marine Corps.

The submariners accepted the challenge and the Resolution Cup was born.

In the decades since, the event has become a staple of both the crews and shipwrights at Barrow (now known as BAE) but draws walkers and runners from across the UK with more than 3,000 participants.

In its current form, the event has become a 40-mile event, starting just south of Keswick and finishing at Hawcoat Park in Barrow-in-Furness.

The shipyard workers overwhelmingly enjoy the bragging rights down the years.  They have lifted the cup four times to every one won by the Royal Navy.

The trophy was last lifted by the Submarine Service in 2022 when HMS ANSON’s crew were first to the finish.

She’s long departed the yard, so it falls to the crew of her younger sisters, under construction in the enormous Devonshire Dock Hall which dominates the Barrow skyline, to snatch the cup back from BAE.

The Submariners are raising money for associated charities Cardiac Risk in the Young, the Bluebell Foundation, and Military vs Cancer.

Barrow in Furness Branch of the Submariners Association

Members of the Barrow in Furness Branch of the Submariners Association will, once again, be providing stewarding cover throughout the day and as the runners reach the entrance gate to the finishing line in Hawcoat Lane.


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