Members of the Submariners Association’s West of Scotland Branch visited the Garelochhead Station Trust (GST) at Centre 81 on 5 December. The primary purpose of this visit was to extend support to veterans and their families, encapsulated in a generous cheque worth £500.

The cheque, symbolising commitment and solidarity, was handed over by Chris Leggett, Vice Chairman of the Submariners Association, to Alan Moodie, Chairperson of GST. This substantial contribution aims to bolster the invaluable services provided by the trust to those who have served our nation.

Image shows presentation of the cheque to the trust

Presentation of the cheque

Image shows the card given to the West of Scotland branch by way of a thankyou

The trust responded by offering a thoughtful card

Among the veterans at GST is the remarkable 99-year-old ‘Spike’. His distinguished service includes active participation in the Battle of the Atlantic during the second World War. Recently, ‘Spike’ was honoured with an invitation to partake in the Remembrance Service at the Albert Hall. During this solemn occasion, he stood alongside the Princess Royal, a testament to his dedication and sacrifice.

This touching event exemplifies the ongoing commitment to recognise and support veterans. In the spirit of unity and appreciation, we acknowledge the Garelochhead Station Trust for their commendable efforts in supporting the veteran community.


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