Standards and banners of the Sunderland Branch of the Submariners Association at the Armed Forces and Emergency services event at the Stadium of Light. Event

On the morning of the16th May 2024. The Sunderland Branch of the SA attended the National Armed Forces and Emergency Services event at the Sunderland Stadium of Light.

The Event gave us the Sunderland branch of the association the opportunity to highlight the Submarine Association to members of the public and business groups within the North East area. During the event we handed out flyers to a few possible new members. 

Sea Cadets and staff at the Sunderland Branch Event
Sea Cadets and veterans at the Sunderland Stadium of Light


The Submariners Association is an association of serving and veteran submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in HM Submarines.

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