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Atlantic Crossing

The Worlds Toughest Row. The HMS OARDACIOUS rowing team will be rowing the Atlantic in the new boat ‘Captain Jim’ to raise funds and awareness of mental health and wellbeing.  The name of the boat “Captain Jim” is in memory of the late Capt. Jim Simpson RN whose family members attended the unveiling event. 

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News From The Royal Navy

809 Naval Air Squadron joins the RAF’s 617 ‘Dambusters’ as the second, front-line stealth fighter formation, operating the F-35B Lightning. Nearly 41 years to the day that 809 – known [...]

The Type 45 destroyer intercepted smugglers on four occasions, helping seize more than 2,000kg of cocaine during a 28,000 nautical mile mission. Dauntless also sailed to British Overseas Territories to [...]

HMS Trent usually operates in the Mediterranean and off Africa’s west coast as part of a long-term security mission, but is heading for the Caribbean to clamp down on drugs [...]

Crucially for Finland’s new allies in the alliance it was the opportunity to learn and understand the complex geography of the Gulf of Finland, gaining a better understanding of what [...]

Portsmouth-based HMS Duncan has been flagship of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two, leading a multinational force primarily working in the eastern reaches of the Mediterranean on security operations. The Type [...]

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