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809 Naval Air Squadron joins the RAF’s 617 ‘Dambusters’ as the second, front-line stealth fighter formation, operating the F-35B Lightning. Nearly 41 years to the day that 809 – known [...]

The Type 45 destroyer intercepted smugglers on four occasions, helping seize more than 2,000kg of cocaine during a 28,000 nautical mile mission. Dauntless also sailed to British Overseas Territories to [...]

HMS Trent usually operates in the Mediterranean and off Africa’s west coast as part of a long-term security mission, but is heading for the Caribbean to clamp down on drugs [...]

Crucially for Finland’s new allies in the alliance it was the opportunity to learn and understand the complex geography of the Gulf of Finland, gaining a better understanding of what [...]

Portsmouth-based HMS Duncan has been flagship of Standing NATO Maritime Group Two, leading a multinational force primarily working in the eastern reaches of the Mediterranean on security operations. The Type [...]

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