The Toast to Fallen Comrades

Toast to fallen comrades

Many guests will notice the small table set for one in the room. This is the Toast to Fallen Comrades and the following will help explain the significance of the setting….

“You may have noticed the small table set for one that is off on its own – it is reserved to honour our fallen comrades in arms.

This symbolises that they are here with us in spirit. We should never forget the brave men and women who answered our nation’s call and served the cause of freedom in a special way.

We are ever mindful that the sweetness of enduring peace has always been tainted by the bitterness of personal sacrifice.

We are compelled to never forget that while we enjoy our daily pleasures, there are others who have endured the agonies of pain, deprivation and death.

I would like to explain the meaning of the items on this special table.

  • The table is round – to show our everlasting concern for our fallen comrades.
  • The tablecloth is white – symbolising the purity of their motives when answering the call to duty.
  • The single red rose, displayed in a vase, reminds us of the life of each of our fallen comrades, and the loved ones and friends of these comrades who keep the faith.
  • The vase is tied with a red ribbon, symbol of our continued determination to remember our fallen comrades.
  • A slice of lemon on the bread plate is to remind us of the bitter fate of those who will never return.
  • A pinch of salt symbolises the tears endured by the families of those who have sacrificed all.
  • The Holy Book represents the strength gained through faith to sustain those lost from our country.
  • The glass is inverted, they cannot toast with us at this time.
  • The chair is empty because they are no longer with us.

Let us remember and never forget their sacrifice.  May they and their families ever be watched over and protected.

Image Stewart Fraser (ex CPO Stoker) and a SMQ rating lighting the candle for absent friends.


  • A small table
  • Empty chair
  • White tablecloth
  • Lit candle
  • Single place setting, preferably all white
  • Wine glass, inverted
  • Salt shaker
  • Slice of lemon on bread plate with a pile of spilled salt
  • Small bud vase wrapped in a red ribbon with a single stem red rose