This auction item is a Bottle of Taylors Reserve Port, which by all accounts is very nice.

Online auction closes 24 hours before the Belfast AGM. Auction concludes at the AGM, if the winning bid is placed online, the winning member will be contacted for payment via bank transfer.

Free shipping for the winning bid if not at the AGM.

Item donated by the Warrant Officers, Senior Rates & SNCOs Mess at HMS Excellent.


All items have been donated and are therefore being sold as second hand (i.e. they are not supplied by the manufacturer or a retailer) meaning the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (SGA) may apply. This auction is not a public auction, only members of the Submariners Association may bid. The auction is being operated and managed by the Committee of the Submariners Association. ALL Monies raised will go to the RNRMC.