España Levante Submariners Unanimously Rejoin Submariners Association

During their Autumn Meeting, España Levante Submariners took a unanimous vote to rejoin the Submariners Association.

With a roster of forty-one ex-submariners, our branch consistently sees a strong turnout of 25 members at their regular meetings. Furthermore, they proudly host 16 Associate members, with nine being regular attendees.

Several of their members are part of UK branches, such as Gosport, Derbyshire, North-East, and Sheffield branches.

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España Levante Submariners: A Brief History

In 2004, the concept of creating a submariners’ group in Spain was initiated by three submariners who, residing in Spain, connected at the Submariners Association Annual General Meeting in Liverpool’s Adelphi Hotel. This idea materialised into an informal gathering in 2005, titled “Submariners Spain,” hosted in Llorca, Murcia province, attended by nine individuals.

Building on this momentum, a meeting in 2006 in Cartagena, Murcia province, drew 18 attendees. The following year, at Nou Vora Mar restaurant in Alicante, 28 individuals convened, deciding to establish an official Submariners Group within the Submariners Association. Recognising the geographical challenges faced by some members, it was agreed to hold biannual meetings.

In 2008, a segment of the group residing in the South of Spain branched off, forming a distinct submariners’ organisation named the Indalo Branch. Simultaneously, the original group evolved into España Levante Submariners.

España Levante Submariners has since served as a platform for retired and active submarine service members to gather informally. Our gatherings, void of pomp, allow submariners to share a few drinks and exchange tales of their submarine experiences. Our unofficial motto remains:



The Submariners Association is an Association of serving and veteran submariners which seeks to maintain the special bonds of friendship, loyalty and comradeship, together with a pride in the Submarine Service, formed during service in HM Submarines.

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