Commemorating Heroes: XII Submarine Flotilla Memorial Ceremony

In Kylesku, a gathering took place at the XII Submarine Flotilla memorial, with more than 50 attendees, including Lord-Lieutenant Major General Patrick Marriott, Royal Navy representatives from Faslane, and members of the Sutherland Branch of the Royal Naval Association, were present.

This event was organised by the Sutherland Lieutenancy and received support from Reay Forest Estate, Piper Andrew Barnes, Jonathan Brett-Young, Cdr Tim Honnor RN (Retd), the Reverend Canon Laurence Gunner RNVR, and others. The ceremony included the laying of nine wreaths, with two additional wreaths contributed by the RN Submarine Museum.

The XII Submarine Flotilla memorial ceremony serves as a moment of reflection and gratitude for the submariners who have served in the Royal Navy. Situated in Kylesku, the memorial holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the sacrifices made by submariners.

This event reminds us of the deep respect and appreciation we hold for the Royal Navy’s submariners, both past and present. The memorial stands as a lasting tribute to their dedication and courage.

Veteran Submariners

Members were also in attendance from the Scottish and West of Scotland Submariners’ Association, “We Remember Submariners” and the Royal Navy Submarine Association.

Serving Memebers of the Royal Navy

Trainee submariners, Able Seaman Tom Unsworth RN and Leading Hand Oliver Boot RN, were in attendance, representing the younger generation of Royal Navy submariners. The attendees hailed from various locations, including Faslane, Portsmouth, and Glasgow, demonstrating the widespread recognition of the significance of this ceremony.

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